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If you are looking for a reliable company to take care of your lawn, you have come to the right place. We are lawn care specialists with more than 10 years of work experience in the Naperville area. There is no Lawn Care Naperville maintenance that we do not do.

Lawn Care Specialists Naperville, IL

Lawn is amazing in many senses. Their lush lawn with green grass can cool your property during the hot summer months. They are great for ambiance and noise cancellation. The grass can absorb a lot of noise giving a more calmer appeal to your property. It can help in cleaner air surrounding your property. Lawn fields are capable of absorbing water far better than plane soil. Grass on your lawn can save soil erosion. It stabilizes the top layer of soil and makes it hold on to the ground much better. Lawn grass is amazing at controlling air pollution at the same time. A well maintained lawn is great for kids and pets. It prevents your kids from getting injured when they are playing in the yard.

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We at Naperville Tree Removal & Landscaping Co are dedicated to transforming the way your lawn looks. If you want lawn maintenance and proper growth of the lawn grass for it to enhance the look of your property, let us know. We cover all kinds of lawn maintenance procedures from A to Z. No matter how big or small your lawn, we are here to help you maintain your lawn to perfection. We provide routine lawn care service that you can opt for. Our commercial lawn care can take care of the lawn in places such as golf-course, school, hotel, office, university, etc. We also maintain public parks’ grass. Our Custom Care facilities range from power seeding and core aeration to soil enrichment and fire ant protection. In tandem with our maintenance treatment, personalized lawn care packages will help renovate abused turf and make a good lawn beautiful. And, of course, without attention to the total landscape, a home isn’t complete. Our experts will also help protect the trees and shrubs and restore them.

What We Do

Weeding The Lawn – We will remove the stray and invasive grass, or plant from your lawn.These weeds can decrease the look of your lawn and make it look bushy and wild. 

Mowing The Lawn – We have mowling equipment that can perfectly mow the lawn without any issue. If you have an unmowed lawn it will make your lawn look smaller, dirtier and your building shabby. We offer lawn mowing services at affordables prices. No matter how much wild grass has grown in your property, we can mow it to perfection.

Cleaning Your Lawn – If your lawn is dirty from tree leaves, dead grass and other debris, you will need someone to clean it for you. That is where we come in. We can clean your lawn with vacuum that doesn’t leave any debris behind.

These sprinklers will routinely water your lawn to keep your lawn looking green and lush always.

Raking The Lawn – Along with the forming of a hard crust, the lower part of an old lawn can get matted and woody. For such lawn, in April months, the grass is scraped at the ground level with the aid of a sickle and can. To loosen the crust, scraping is accompanied by raking. Where the state of the lawn is fine, all methods of loosening the old runners and aerating the soil are achieved by hard and thorough raking.

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Our professionals know how to keep your lawn healthy and thriving always. A lush lawn contributes to the beauty of the surrounding. It not only enhances the look of the property but also the neighbourhood. If you are a commercial property, you know your customers, employees and business partners will feel good about having a great view of the lawn from the windows. Let us know the kind of lawn care you need and we will do it for you.

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