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Trees are a vital building block of a beautiful property and a safe climate. For many animals and insects, they provide clean air, preserve energy, give shade from the sun, and act as a home and food source. We are proud to be the top certified arborists at Naperville Tree Service in Orland Park, IL and beyond, offering full-service tree care and removal.

We understand the specifics and tricks behind proper tree care, as certified arborists. We will help you pick a tree that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as one that will take root in the correct soil conditions when you employ Naperville Tree Removal & Landscaping Co. Our services range from collection and planting to maintenance, including mulching, security measures, trimming and more, from there.

In order to control growth, trimming and pruning branches are necessary, and it is essential for maintaining tree health in the long run, especially when dead or diseased branches emerge. Our licensed and insured arborists are qualified climbers with skilled trimming equipment that can reach difficult-to-get branches, and they know exactly how to cut branches to promote and maximize those forms of tree growth.

Landscaping Services

Landscaping will play a major role in your property’s appearance. We have over 10 years of landscaping experience in Naperville. Let our experienced design team send you some great ideas that will not only look good when it is freshly built but will look good for many years to come. If you already know what you want, we can install a quality professional and pass our wholesale plan to you.

From beginning to finish, Naperville Landscapes design service provides a comprehensive design experience. We specialize in providing landscapes that can turn outdoor living areas, both urban and rural, into beautiful and welcoming spaces. Traditional or modern, minimalist or eclectic, personalized outcomes come from expert execution when crafting professionally installed gardens. We offer custom garden design, project management, budgeting and cost estimating services, scheduling, oversight and installation of these landscapes. Additionally, we support our clients with long term oversight of their landscapes to insure their lasting beauty. Call us now!

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